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Icebreaker Men's Relay Running Tank
Icebreaker Women's Gust Running Jacket
Icebreaker Men's Blast Running Long Sleeve Zip
Icebreaker Women's Bolt Long Sleeve Running Crewe
Icebreaker Men's Sonic Running Long Sleeve Crewe
Icebreaker Women's Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe
Icebreaker Men's Relay Long Sleeve Running Half Zip
Icebreaker Men's Anatomica Tank
Icebreaker Men's Everyday Running Boxers W/ Fly
Icebreaker Men's Multisport Cushion Micro Socks
Icebreaker Men's Blast Running Jacket
Icebreaker Women's Dart Long Sleeve Running Half Zip
Icebreaker Men's Pursuit Running Leggings
Icebreaker Men's Tracer Running Tights
Icebreaker Women's Rush Running Tights
Icebreaker Women's Vertex Leggings
Icebreaker Men's Pursuit Long Sleeve Running Half Zip
Icebreaker Men's Relay Long Sleeve Running Crewe
Icebreaker Men's Oasis Long Sleeve Half Zip
Icebreaker Men's Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe
Icebreaker Men's Sonic Short Sleeve Running Crew
Icebreaker Women's Pace Long Sleeve Running Crewe
Icebreaker Women's Flash Running Short Sleeve V
Icebreaker Men's Sprint Long Sleeve Running Zip
Icebreaker Men's Relay Short Sleeve Running Crewe
Icebreaker Men's Sonic Running Sleeveless Tee
Icebreaker Women's Pace Running Legging
Icebreaker Women's Tech Long Sleeve Running Top
Icebreaker Women's Tech T Lite Running Short Sleeve
Icebreaker Women's Bolt Running Tank
Icebreaker Women's Flash Running Tank
Icebreaker Women's Siren Cami
Icebreaker Women's Siren Running Tank
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ABOUT Icebreaker

An American girlfriend introduced Jeremy to Brian Brackenridge, a merino sheep farmer she’d stayed with while hitchhiking around New Zealand. Across the table, Brian threw Jeremy a prototype thermal tee-shirt made from 100% merino wool: this was the beginning of Icebreaker.

Jeremy, then skeptical about the wool prototype was astonished to find that the material felt soft and sensual, looked lustrous and was totally natural. At first he sought to sell enough of the prototype fabric to visit his American girlfriend, but when he wore the tee-shirt outdoors, he became so enthusiastic about the fabric's potential, he never saw his girlfriend again. Instead he began working on a business plan to develop the world's first merino layering system for the outdoors.

Sir Peter Blake, a Kiwi yachting hero, wore a prototype Icebreaker top and leggings for 40 days and nights in a row while setting a world circumnavigation record. His enthusiastic (and free) endorsement gave Jeremy the confidence to throw everything he had into launching Icebreaker.

Since then, the Icebreaker apparel system has grown to include underwear, mid layer garments, outerwear, socks and accessories for men, women and kids. Icebreakers can be found in 3,000 stores in 43 countries. The company is based in Wellington, New Zealand, but we also have offices in the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.



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