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IST Swimwear


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IST Junior 3mm Shorty Wetsuit
    IST Women's Dive Skin Tall Neck Wetsuit
      IST Kids 3MM Jumpsuit
      IST Men's 3mm Wetsuit
        IST Men's Dive Skin Tall Neck Wetsuit
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        IST Titanium Lined High Top Boots
          IST 5MM Neo Skin Hood
            IST Men's 3mm Nylon Reversible Wetsuit
              IST 5mm Semi-Dry Gloves w/ Kevlar
                IST Diving Boots
                  IST Pro Ear Mask Hood
                    IST Kevlar-Reinforced Gloves
                      IST 3MM Gloves with Kevlar
                        IST 3MM Neo Skin Hood
                          IST 3MM Hood with Triple Glue
                            IST 5MM Hood with Triple Glue
                              IST 2.5MM Super Stretch Gloves
                                IST 3MM Neodri Watersports Hood
                                  IST Tropical Booties
                                    IST Amara Palm Gloves
                                      IST High Heel Socks
                                        IST Low Cut Socks
                                          IST Sports Women's 3mm Diving Wetsuit
                                            IST Flexus Men's 3mm Diving Wetsuit
                                              IST Flexus Women's 3mm Diving Wetsuit
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                                                ABOUT IST

                                                IST Sports™ specializes in SCUBA diving gear. Since its beginnings in 1975, IST has established itself as a reliable source of high-quality diving equipment, now recognized internationally as a top-of-the-line diving brand. Their original focus was on masks, snorkels and fins, but over the years they have expanded their offerings to include the full range of SCUBA gear, from buoys to wetsuits to diving knives.

                                                IST makes quality a priority, since successful SCUBA diving hinges on gear you can trust. IST masks are not only comfortable, but are also water-tight and easily adjustable for the best possible fit. Snorkels are designed with the SCUBA diver in mind, including details like a large purge valve, splash guard and lightweight tubing. IST clothing like wetsuits, booties, caps and gloves make it possible for divers to outfit themselves for cold water dives with durable yet affordable pieces. Their gear covers the gamut of cold to warm water users, recreational to spear fishing divers and affordable to high-end.

                                                IST wetsuits, IST snorkels, IST fins, IST masks and IST knives are excellent pieces of SCUBA gear for anyone who has a passion for diving – whether beginner or seasoned Expert. Whether you need just a replacement mask or a completely new set up, IST has a selection of gear that is sure to meet your needs. With IST, divers know they're getting the highest quality equipment from a company with decades of experience in the diving community.