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        ABOUT GoggleMates

        Gogglemate™ is a unique idea born out of necessity. When a mother of three noticed the tears being shed over goggles getting tangled in her children's hair, she realized that there needed to be a product that would prevent the silicone straps of goggles from snagging. With a few tests and trials, Gogglemate was born.

        Because they're made with neoprene, Gogglemates keeps goggles floating, which limits the number of goggles lost at the pool and beach. The fun colors and prints not only add whimsy to your child's swim, but they also help you quickly locate your child in a crowded pool. On top of that, Gogglemates acts as an ID tag, preventing goggle mix-ups.

        Gogglemate ensures your child has a comfortable swim so you can easily foster their love of the water. Don't let something like snarled hair keep your child on the sidelines!



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