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ABOUT Flippers

Flipper™ designs instructional flipbooks for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. Developed by seasoned swim coach Greg Davis, Flippers' Flipbooks bridge the gap between demonstration and education. Born from a handmade flipbook designed by Davis himself, Flippers flipbooks are a sophisticated version of the same coaching tool, providing both still shots of specific body positions and a moving demonstration of proper form.

Using a "whole, part, whole" approach, Flippers books encourage swimmers to first flip through the entire book for the animation, then to look at specific pages that relate to areas of interest, and then to flip through the book again to see how those parts fit into the stroke as a whole. Featuring shots of Olympic gold medalists in action, along with excellent tips and pointers on each page, Flippers combines helpful illustration with valuable explanation. The books' user-friendly, easily transportable design makes them ideal for coaches and swimmers alike.

Whether it's a young swimmer who wants their own handy reference or a coach who needs it for demonstration, Flippers Flipbooks are fun, useful, and high-quality. These books make excellent gifts for coaches, swim instructors, and athletes. Anyone who loves swimming is guaranteed to love looking and learning with Flippers' Flipbooks.



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