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ABOUT Eyeswim

Eyeswim™ is a subsidiary of the parent company, Tropical Penguin, Inc. which was established in 1995. Steve Friederang, the President and CEO, has long envisioned providing swimmers and coaches with the kinds of tools Eyeswim specializes in. Having coached at every level, from the grassroots to professionals, Friederang understands how important underwater video training is for competitive swimmers.

At a swimming clinic in California, Friederang asked swim coaches from all over the country if they regularly use video in their coaching. To his disappointment, only a few hands went up which further solidified his resolve in bringing convenient, easy-to-use, and high-quality video recording equipment for swimmers and coaches to use. Underwater video recording, above water filming, the Eyeswim products do it all.

All the DVDs, books, and hands-on coaching could never substitute the value of recording your laps and strokes, analyzing the footage, and seeing the results. This is what the founder stresses and the reason why Eyeswim has been met with positive feedback. Every start, stroke, turn, and lap is recorded in high definition empowering the swimmer to truly become their own harshest critic. This is biggest reason for Eyeswim's existence, to shift the attention away from coaching and focus more on the actual swimming.