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ABOUT Endurance Films

Endurance Films® is fast becoming a powerhouse for training videos for extreme sports. Their first training video was centered around the 2000 US Olympic Triathlon Team and their triathlon training. From then on, Endurance Films have been creating training videos for multiple endurance sports.

Specifically, their triathlon training videos range in topic. These training videos cover all aspects of a triathlon: Open water swimming, transitions, stretching, marathon training, off-road triathlon and long course triathlon. To create their training videos, this HD video production company interviews a wide range of people for an in-depth analysis of endurance sports. In addition to professional athletes, the training videos collaborate with coaches and sports science and medicine minds for a well-rounded, instructional video.

Endurance Films is now a leader in the most in-depth and interesting training videos. When you are training for a triathlon and you want to learn from the best, Endurance Films training videos will guide you through one of the most extreme sports.



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