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ABOUT Endless Pools

Although founded in 1988, the idea behind Endless Pools came into fruition decades before. The founder, James Murdoch, had a father who often swam in the irrigation canals located in Arizona. The fast, flowing water of the irrigation canals allowed Murdoch's father to swim in place. For years, Murdoch and his father entertained the idea of building a type of swim in place machine but a product wasn't created until decades later.

In 1988, Murdoch built his first prototype for the Endless Pool. With this prototype, people were astonished by its capabilities. Members of the swim community instantly saw the many perks of having an at-home system that allowed swimming in place. In addition, Endless Pools provides therapeutic benefits. For example, the first customer of Endless Pools realized people with MS could relieve symptoms through water-based exercises. People continue to use Endless Pools for not only swim training but for the healing benefits.

Endless Pools can easily be shipped to customers and once constructed, take very little space compared to traditional pools. They can also be conveniently heated to a desired temperature. With countless benefits and customizable options, James Murdoch has created a product that fulfilled his father's dream.



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