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ABOUT Cozy Orange

Cozy Orange bases its existence on yogic principles that encourage well-being, happiness, and a balanced mind and body. Their goal is to promote healthy, active lifestyles through affordable, eco-friendly yoga clothing. Recycled fabrics and packaging are utilized, and hang tags are printed on recyclable paper which also doubles as a coaster when removed from the garment. You'll look good and feel great while helping the environment.

Cozy Orange also seeks to change the world. They have a strong philanthropy geared towards helping budding entrepreneurs in third world countries. In order to do this, Cozy Orange has teamed up with World Vision®, a non-profit organization, to help these entrepreneurs. Each month and fueled by donations, they invest in an entrepreneur's business to help the business grow and succeed. Cozy Orange hopes to improve the lives of others and enhance the yogic experience of people everywhere.



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