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Coppertone UV Headwear Clothing

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ABOUT Coppertone UV Headwear

The lovable characters from Sesame Street® and the sun-protective symbol of Coppertone® have come together to deliver a collection that combines brand recognition and beneficial technology for children everywhere. Protecting your children from the sun's harmful rays is especially important during the early years. Now, Sesame Street and Coppertone bring you and your kids protective headwear for any occasion.

The collaboration is a true value proposition that fuses playful design with effective features and benefits such as UPF 50+ sun protection, proprietary fabric technology, blocking 98% of UVA and 99% of harmful UVB rays, using Sesame Street renown characters and the highest standard in wicking and moisture management properties. Additionally, pieces are winkle proof and eco-friendly, made with 100% Recyclable Polyester. You can feel confident about giving your little ones exceptional headwear that meets the highest testing standards in moisture management and stain release properties. The innovative fabric gives you the look and feel of Cotton combined with the performance of technical Polyester.

Choose from an array of products featuring your child's favorite characters such as Elmo, Cookie Monster, Ernie and the most iconic Big Bird. The collection features a wide selection of hats that your kids will love to wear. Bucket hats, baseball hats and engineer hats all give parents and kids an abundance of choices for maximum comfort and durability. The combination of the Sesame Street and Coppertone brands create a unique and functional line of headwear that kids will love to wear and parents will appreciate.



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