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Cirrus Products

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ABOUT Cirrus

Cirrus™ healthcare products help swimmers prevent and treat ear infections. Cirrus' original product, EarPlanes, was designed in collaboration with the House Ear Institute, the world's leader in hearing research and ear surgery. After EarPlanes success, their other ear care products hit the market, all designed with the same standards of care and attention to quality. Cirrus combines easy-to-use designs with affordable prices so that everyone can keep their ears healthy and pain-free.

Cirrus AquaEars are a comfortable, one-size-fits-all ear plug and pressure-reducer. Cirrus BioEars are a similar product, but also work out of the pool to reduce noise. Perfect for swimmers prone to ear infections, or those who have especially narrow ear canals, Cirrus AquaEars and Cirrus BioEars help seal out water comfortably and completely. For swimmers who need to get water out of their ears, Cirrus offers Cirrus ClearEars, a water-absorbing ear plug that is a quick, painless and simpler alternative to other companies' ear drops.

Cirrus products come backed with research and designs based on the leading scientific data. All products are constructed with the user in mind, which means that not only are they comfortable and effective, but are also durable and affordable. With Cirrus products, your fear of getting water in your ears will evaporate - literally!



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