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Acu-Life Products

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ABOUT Acu-Life

Acu-Life™ is a company focused on providing high-quality healthcare products that improve the lives of adults and children. Their products address a wide variety of common complaints, covering everything from the common cold to foot care. Their ear plugs and ear care products are especially popular among swimmers and aquatic athletes in general.

Acu-Life ear plus are ergonomic ear plugs designed specifically for use by swimmers. They create a custom mold for each ear in order to provide a comfortable, water-tight fit. Lap swimmers with chronic swimmers' ear or children whose narrower ear canals often lead to ear infections will appreciate this durable solution to their problem. Acu-Life also offers Acu-Life AfterSwim, an absorbent, water-removing tool for swimmers with clogged ears, and one that is faster and more effective than typical ear drying drops.

Acu-Life products are perfect for adults and children who want to prevent ear infections and discomfort without sacrificing time in the water. Acu-Life ear plugs and Acu-Life AfterSwim help swimmers both maintain and practice easy, comfortable ear care, and meet the high standards that Acu-Life has for all their products.



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